American Passports

I knew one of the first things I had to get the ball rolling on, was passports. The faster I got them, the faster I could leave. Except you need money, which I didn’t have enough of thanks to our spending habits. I got an extra check from hubby’s last job, quickly withdrew the boys out of school, my thoughts were I better do it now that I have the money. You know because a fart would last longer in my hands.

We arrive at the post office only to find out they stop processing passports at 3 pm. We were 5 minutes late. They were testing at school the next day, so I had to grip that money tight for yet another day.

May 1st we finally got it done. Three passports, ball rolling! Yeah I know three; they accepted paperwork only for the kids. They took one look at my birth certificate and didn’t accept it. Apparently, if you have the short form, a specific letter has to be on it. I was told I had to order the long form. *eye roll*

I tried to get it done at the local Pasadena office, but they only print short forms and there was no guarantee that the letter would be on it. *eye roll*

Why did I ask the boys if they wanted to go back to school? Discovery green with my kids the rest of the day.

I ordered my Long Form Birth Certificate on-line the next day. It finally came in on Monday, May, 13. It takes about six weeks for the passports to come in so I am like three weeks behind the kids. I am going Today, to get mine.

You must have: (1) Birth Certificate (get anything you might need your birth certificate for, taken care of before, as they keep it and will mail it back to you by mail), (2) ID, (3) DS-11 form filled out, & (4) DS-3053 Parental Consent Notarized or both parents must be present.

(5) Passport picture (you can’t duck face, be wearing anything in your hair or have glasses on). We took our pictures at the post office $15.00 USD each. You can take them at Walgreens and CVS too but a friend told me she went to Walgreens and the post office did not accept them so she had to retake them. She paid twice.

US Passport Book: Adults $110.00 + $25.00 USD execution fee (each). Good for 10 years, used to travel by air, water or land. Minors (16 & under): $80.00 + $25.00 USD execution fee (each). Good for 5 years, used to travel by air, water or land.

US Passport Card: Adults $30.00 + $25.00 USD execution fee (each). Good for 10 years, used to travel by water or land. Minors (16 & under): $15.00 + $25.00 USD execution fee (each). Good for 5 years, used to travel by water or land.

I’m getting the book incase I have to come back for rental properties or other emergencies, but the kids is only good for five years I doubt we will have the income to fly home anytime soon, so got them cards.


2 thoughts on “American Passports

  1. Wow what a pain in the butt!! One thing you can say, you will be a PRO when this is done 🙂 But, you only need to know it and do it once. Good to know though, as one day I’ll have to do the same thing with a dual citizenship America/Turkey. You’re doing a great job, keep your head up and looking forward! You will be missed and promise to keep in touch!

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