Soft Warm Hearts

Why do we celebrate Christmas?  Mary a virgin carrying the Savior of all, riding on a donkey going door to door, until they found a manger to lay their head.

Here in Mexico, although I speak the language, I know nothing.  One day they asked me to bring engrudo to Elaina’s school, I asked “what is that” and they told me “glue”.  The next day, I told the teacher I’m going to buy the glue and I will bring it back to you.  She said no it’s not glue you buy its just flour but you have to cook it.

They were making a piñata, which I thought it was just an arts and craft, until a mother explained that it had seven cones which represent the seven deadly sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride.


Once you BREAK yourself away from those sins you will be showered with blessings from above.

We were invited to a PASTORELA  at Elaina’s school “El Jardin de Ninos”.  Her class was dressed as Angels and the other class as devils.  Parents played out the story of Mary and Joseph, and the children played out the fight between good and evil.

Elaina Ready for her Pastorela

Elaina Ready for her Pastorela

A Patorela is a play, always comic, where the shepherds follow the Star of Bethlehem to find baby Jesus and confront the Devil, who will do everything possible to prevent them from arriving. It is at that moment that the Angel Gabriel intervenes to defend the shepherds where good always triumphs over evil.

We had another PASTORELA in the Town Plaza named EL JARDIN on the 19th.  I only wish I had thought to record it all.  It was very comic, had plenty of music, and singing.  Meet the Devil:

Bushy Eye browed, gun toting, boot wearing, Mariachi

Bushy Eye browed, gun toting, boot wearing, Mariachi

POSADAS, are more serious business, except to the children.  I was invited, but because I am not catholic a bit standoffish.  I am glad we decided to attend.  Day one started in the Church, there was the Rosary Prayer, then right after we formed two lines one of boys and the other of girls in order of height.  We walked singing a few choice songs, the boys favorite is “Los Peces en el Rio”.  We walked the longest route to the house hosting that days POSADA.  Once we arrived they sing at the door “Os Pido Posada”

Verses sung by the people asking     for PosadaEn nombre del cielo
os pido posada,
pues no puede andar
mi esposa amada.No seas inhumano,
tenos caridad,
que el Dios de los cielos
te lo premiará.Venimos rendidos
desde Nazaret,
yo soy carpintero
de nombre José.Posada te pide,
amado casero
por sólo una noche
la Reina del Cielo.Mi esposa es María.
es Reina del Cielo,
y madre va a ser
del Divino Verbo.Dios pague señores
vuestra caridad,
y así os colme el cielo
de felicidad.
Verses sung by the people giving PosadaAquí no es mesón
sigan adelante:
yo no puedo abrir
no sea algún tunante.Ya se pueden ir
y no molestar
porque si me enfado
los voy a apalear.No me importa el nombre,
déjenme dormir,
pues ya les digo
que no hemos de abrir.Pues si es una Reina
quien lo solicita
¿Cómo es que de noche,
anda tan solita?¿Eres tu José?
¿Tu esposa María?
Entren, peregrinos,
no los conocía.Dichosa la casa
que abriga este día
a la Virgen Pura
la hermosa María.

When the doors finally open, everybody sings:

Entren santos peregrinos, peregrinos, reciban este rincón no de esta pobre morada sino de mi corazón. Esta noche es de alegría de gusto y de regocijo porque hospedaremos aquí a la Madre de Dios Hijo.

Then the kids’ favorite part, every single child is given a goody bag, and depending on the family you could get more, a fruit, a drink and/or something to eat.


Day two starts with a rosary prayer at the house who opened their doors to us, we then form lines and walk the longest route to the next house so fourth and so on until day 9.

They said a Pastor once showed children a nativity scene and asked them what the baby’s bed looked like, they said “Hard”, Then they asked the mothers present, “How do you fix your babies beds?” We all answered “Soft & warm”.  The nine days of Posadas is to soften our hard hearts, so we can be ready to receive baby Jesus.

May you all have soft and warm hearts this Christmas.


Sad Day in San Miguel Del Zapote

LOBO our dog.


My kids hug him, and receive kisses from him all the time, when everyone else “shoo’s” him away. He is huge, stinky and a flea bag.
From the moment we arrived, Lobo followed us everywhere. J took us on a tour of the town, and Lobo came with. Every time I took the kids to “El Campo”, he came with. Every time we went to local businesses for groceries, he came with. Every time we went to “El Jardin” he came with. If I went alone he came with, if they went alone, he would go with.

Our dog Lobo went to Doggie Heaven.


He wasn’t actually ours, but belonged to Tia Rafa across the street. A long time ago Lobo went missing. Apparently he had jumped out of the truck on the way home from the mountains. After a long time, in Zalcoalco, a town 30 minutes away, the family saw a dog that had been burned but was very excited to see them. Lobo rode back home that day 7 years ago, with J.

We never had the heart to make him go home when we went to “El Jardin”, even if he was always run off by other people, because he was a menace there. He would take food from little kids and looked for attention from people who didn’t want to get their hands dirty. We didn’t have the heart to send him home…. Until this day.

It’s sad really, our last memory of him we were not very nice. He was a great companion.

The way he left us is really gruesome. I tried keeping it from Elaina. Apparently, they told everyone, even small children. She started talking about it yesterday.

WARNING: Stop reading NOW if you don’t care to know the details!

Elaina said “Lobo”
Put her hand to her neck and ran it across.
Then closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

A day ago I heard a seven year old say she went to go see all the blood. I also heard a child younger than Elaina mention it.
J had to work, but when he got home he asked where he was he wanted to bury him. Unfortunately, they had paid the trash people to take the head away. The rest of him was taken with the train.

DOD: Tuesday July, 23, 2013

Todas Las Gracias Las Debo A Ti!

People say, blood is thicker than water.  People say family first.  Here is my family. 

These people who are dear to my heart are people whom I don’t expect anything from.  They don’t owe me a thing, yet they are there for my family through thick and thin.  No one on the face of this earth owes me a thing, I am not entitled to any special treatment.  Yet, these people actually ride or die.

When crap hits the fan, they grab a shovel.

His friends are the families he worked for. Yes they are his friends. You see, J was hired an attorney by these friends. The attorney said there was nothing that could be done in his case, & his friends apologized for not being able to do more.    I only wish I had a picture of them, sadly I don’t, but in my heart they are my friends as well.

My sister-in-law who helped me pack. & nephew helped my dad hang sheetrock.

Sam      IMG_20130608_132359

My aunt who worries about my choices yet did everything she could and got me my mother’s birth certificate so I can apply for my dual citizenship.


Lil Brother who always digs me out of every financial hole I have ever dug myself into.

My Brother & his beautiful Family.

My Brother & his beautiful Family.

My dad, no matter what I do he is still my daddy and he breaks his back (literally) helping me as much as he can.

My Daddy

My Daddy

My Grandmother for giving me rides when I need them, and taking care of the kids.

Grandma and Great Grandma!

Grandma and Great Grandma!

My friends since 6th grade. 21 years of friendship. It hasn’t been all fun. It hasn’t been all fair. It is the greatest affection for people who are not related.

Rebecca brought her husband Nate, and her dad to help me move one beautiful weekend. When I am sure they would have much rather spent it inside their air-conditioned home gaming with their kids. 


Christina has helped me every weekend, and weekdays after her 8 to 5 J.O.B. and has brought the most awesome babysitters, painters, and muscle I could have asked for. There is no way, I could ever thank her and her kids enough even if I thanked them everyday till my dying day. 

SUPER Friends

SUPER Friends

Leah is lending me her very talented husband to fix some wood flooring issues so that I can rent my house out in decent shape.

Everyone needs that simple friendship.  The most innocent of friendships.  This is mine.

Everyone needs that simple friendship. The most innocent of friendships. This is mine.

Wait then there is those awesome people most new to my life and blessed that they opened their hearts to our new friendship.  Andrea and Jose on a very important and special Saturday they lent their time to help me move, before rushing home to send off their beautiful daughter to prom.

My Friends for life, Andrea and Jose

My Friends for life, Andrea and Jose

They are angels who come out just when you need them.  The Friends who are not there every day because life goes on, but without you having to ask they just do.

I am grateful to you and I apologize for any amount of time you all have lost.

I want to also take the time to thank my Kids.  They have lugged more than their share.  Sweated their little hearts out pulling boxes to heavy for them to carry.  Pulling nails from stubborn studs.  Painted, although they think that part was fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      IMG_20130609_123537      IMG_20130526_133030_1

It may have taken an extra month, year, decade before I go.   Thanks to you, it will not be long. 

I do know that God wants us together, we want to be together, and we will soon be together.

I am not there yet, but I am one step closer than yesterday.

All thanks to those featured here.


Ist Christmas Together 1996

Blessed with someone who truly loves me, unconditionally despite my selfish ways.

He spoils me. I don’t chuck my oysters. I don’t peel my crawfish. I don’t even cut my meat (except at a restaurant) I don’t pump my gas. Now I have had to he isn’t here.  He told me if I was spoiled before when we are together again he is going to spoil me more.  I look forward to that. 

He doesn’t cheat on me or on anything. In his own words “The ONLY thing I have ever stolen is your heart”.

He is kind to everyone especially children and elderly. He puts YOUR feelings and comfort above his own. He has a great sense of humor. He is absolutely talented in building, drawing, sewing, cooking, and ever so knowledgeable in science, history, math, music and all things outdoors (fishing & camping).

You must, you just must understand that even though he drives me nuts with him being overprotective of me and his children (he also said he would do more of this, I don’t look forward to this), there is no way God made anyone better for me. When hard times come at us I have friends and family to remind ME how they too think he is a keeper.

I don’t just feel butterflies when I see him, I feel Noah’s Ark.

This Past Spring Break at the Fort Worth Zoo 2013


I look forward to spending more family time the way only we could enjoy.

This is how we spend time together.  Working on projects. <3

This is how we spend time together. Working on projects. ❤