Pack & Go, Nothing to it.

Think I am ready to hit the road?  I do want to hit the road, but I am not ready. I don’t have a checklist, and it’s just random in my head.  I have to, I have to, I need to, I need to, Oh No! I forgot to! 

When this started, (April 17th, 2013) I wanted to sell the two houses I own.  With the advice from a Remax woman, decided I would keep them and rent them.  Rental property: Check, done it’s rented. 

I have always lived in Texas, most of my life in South Houston.  The few times, I have had to move as an adult, my husband has done most of it.  Call me lazy, but I never packed.  Just threw things in a drawer and “vamonos!”  

For two weeks I have packed a house I lived in for almost 7 years, I have had help from friends, their family, and a sister-in-law.  I am still not done.  I haven’t even started on the garage. 

All our belongings within the house we own, nothing owed on credit.  Ideally I wanted to cross everything into Mexico, but friends and family who cross the border often told me I would have to pay taxes on everything.

 The real case is I get one “Importacion de maneje de casa” or “free” pass that costs $127.00 USD.  Also, I only have six months to do this from the date I get the okay, and if I am in Mexico for a year before I attempt to do this, then I waited too long.  I now have to open every box I packed and take inventory.  Then translate it into Spanish.  I can take one of each appliance.  Three carpets, one computer, so on and so on.  The good news I can take all of my junk. The bad news it will be a lot of work.  The two trucks we have are not included in this pass.  I will be taxed for each $1,400.00USD for the 1994 Toyota, and $1,580.00USD for the 2004 Ford, to make them Mexico Legal.   

June 7th, the day after school ends won’t be day of departure as I had planned.  Maybe, just Maybe we put Texas in the rear view mirror in Mid July.