Here kitty kitty.

Free Kitty for a person of a cheery disposition
Never be cross or cruel,
Never give her castor oil or gruel,
Love her as a daughter,
& never smell of barley water,
If you won’t scold and dominate her,
I will never give you cause to hate her.

(-merry poppins)

J bought his princess a kitten. When we yell at Elaina to leave the poor thing alone because she is laying on her or sitting on top of her, so kitty won’t leave her side, this is how she puts it “I lub har, and I kiss har, and I lube har, and I kiss har, and I lub har, and I kiss har”.

The boys from the get go asked if we would be taking Katfish with us. I naturally said,”yes”. How hard could it be? I should have looked into it sooner. It’s not that it’s hard. It’s just more of a financial burden.

Only Dogs and Cats can be taken into Mexico without special import a permit, that’s the good news. It doesn’t apply to me so I didn’t even look into it. Sorry, but I’m exhausted of research. If Katfish were to go with us, I would need to have her checked out by a licensed veterinarian approved by the state to issue her a Healthcare Certificate, and get her shots, no more than fifteen days before we leave.

J is Katfish’s favorite. He fed her and cleaned her litter. He tells me to find her a home, but doesn’t tell them (the kids). He talked to Elaina and told her “Elaina, I am buying you a baby donkey, so you can ride it.” She replies “and a talking unicorn?!?!?”

If you know a great Vet who can do the following work for less it would be greatly appreciated.

Office Visit $40.00
Rabies Shot $20.00
Distemper Shot $30.00
Certificate of Health $100.00

OTHERWISE, I am the one who has to break the news to the kids. This won’t be fun. P.S. I rented my house and need to find Katfish a new home by Thursday if not back to SPCA she goes. She is spayed and has that chip to locate her if she gets lost.

Katfish and her worst nightmare.

Katfish and her worst nightmare.


Pack & Go, Nothing to it.

Think I am ready to hit the road?  I do want to hit the road, but I am not ready. I don’t have a checklist, and it’s just random in my head.  I have to, I have to, I need to, I need to, Oh No! I forgot to! 

When this started, (April 17th, 2013) I wanted to sell the two houses I own.  With the advice from a Remax woman, decided I would keep them and rent them.  Rental property: Check, done it’s rented. 

I have always lived in Texas, most of my life in South Houston.  The few times, I have had to move as an adult, my husband has done most of it.  Call me lazy, but I never packed.  Just threw things in a drawer and “vamonos!”  

For two weeks I have packed a house I lived in for almost 7 years, I have had help from friends, their family, and a sister-in-law.  I am still not done.  I haven’t even started on the garage. 

All our belongings within the house we own, nothing owed on credit.  Ideally I wanted to cross everything into Mexico, but friends and family who cross the border often told me I would have to pay taxes on everything.

 The real case is I get one “Importacion de maneje de casa” or “free” pass that costs $127.00 USD.  Also, I only have six months to do this from the date I get the okay, and if I am in Mexico for a year before I attempt to do this, then I waited too long.  I now have to open every box I packed and take inventory.  Then translate it into Spanish.  I can take one of each appliance.  Three carpets, one computer, so on and so on.  The good news I can take all of my junk. The bad news it will be a lot of work.  The two trucks we have are not included in this pass.  I will be taxed for each $1,400.00USD for the 1994 Toyota, and $1,580.00USD for the 2004 Ford, to make them Mexico Legal.   

June 7th, the day after school ends won’t be day of departure as I had planned.  Maybe, just Maybe we put Texas in the rear view mirror in Mid July.