13 Pesos equals 1 dollar

As a teen I was a major pain in the butt to my family, & my education, I was born with smarts and landed really great jobs where I was able to make a pretty penny.  Making good money is partially why I had not made the move to Mexico in the first place. 

God had to put me in a financial situation, where I had nothing to lose except my family in order to drop everything and move.  Six months ago we were not hurting for money, YET but I wasn’t making any. 

My kids did not care about financial responsibility.  Everything they wanted they got, no matter how they behaved or what their report card showed.  They would charge us if we asked them to pick up a piece of paper.  Okay they still do this but now its because we have made them responsible, in other words they pay for that candy habit.  They know what everything costs, including the cooking oil I use to make their meals.

Johnny understands the currant peso to dollar and is accurate in his conversions.  I cheat.  I just add a zero and know I’m in the vicinity when it comes to small amounts.  Example:  100 dollars is about 1000 pesos or 50 pesos is about 5 dollars. (use my title for the current conversion)

I understand why so many Mexican’s go “al Norte”.  Most of them are making 1200.00 Pesos a week working more than 8 hour days and a 6 day work week.  Besides no taxes and most owning their home, and practically free water, nothing else cost less in Mexico.  Actually, for some reason all these huge companies, sell me a much smaller bag of chips or coca cola bottle for a few pesos more than I would pay back home.

As far as me understanding why they go North, doesn’t mean I agree with them going illegally, but realistically speaking no one could pay all the fees there is to pay to get paperwork, do the leg work and there is still no guarantee you will be able to go.  Feeding their family now is more important than doing time later.

To my facebook family, I said I was blessed and I would blog today.  This is why.

We are Christian, not good ones.  As a matter of fact, we set a terrible example of Christians.  I do know J has a relationship with God I do not understand and I am quite jealous of because God has never spoken to me the way I believe he has spoken to him.  (I hope he will some day share with you like he has with me)

At the end of December, the truck and my visitor’s pass expires.  I have to either drive to the border and renew my pass for another six months or pay the fees to change why I am here, the same applies to the truck the border or get it legalized.  Financially, we are more than comfortable, we have spending money (mostly thanks to Dad), if I saved that spending money I could afford to pay these fees.  A week ago we decided it would be cheaper just to drive to the border, for two reasons, we don’t want to be on a budget, and we love road trips.  Still, we would look at this driving to the border situation again six months later.

Sunday, we were going to Guadalajara for some shopping at the gas station I realized I forgot our shopping money at home.  We decided to try again on Monday.  While in Costco we met an American couple Roberto y Roberta, who asked about our English speaking kids.  Not an I need money conversation, it was a pleasant conversation, we were shopping!  This couple said God told them to give us a little something.  Today, I paid the amount needed to start the paperwork so I can maybe soon be a Mexican Citizen. 

I apologize if I rambled, I typed, and I didn’t proofread. 


Where is J?

So I get a whole bunch of text messages, calls, and e-mails asking where our beloved J is actually at. I am Point (A) Pasadena, TX and he is Point (B) In a small town an hour outside of Guadalajara, Jalisco.  We are 9 miles shy of 1,000 miles between us.  Let’s just say 1,000 I am bound to get lost once or twice on our way there.  Google maps says it’s a 16 hour drive, but we won’t be driving nights so it will be at least two days if we get an early start.  Yeah that’s going to happen because I am an upsie daisy, early bird gets the worm, morning person!

This Map shows our future home.  Question is Where on this map is it?

This Map shows our future home. Question is Where on this map is it?

Point (C) San Blass, Playa Borrego – Where we could possibly live near Puerto Vallarta but not so touristic and still on the WEST Coast, That H20 we love to see, crystal clear blue. I picked this place because if we come across any trouble we can run back to family only 4 hours away.

If you know us at all, you would know this is so us.

Point (D) San Miguel del Allende – A friend of a friend. We heard this friend wants to move back to the US and their home has a guest house. They need someone to look out for their vacation home I suppose. Alas, that would be ideal, but it may be too good to be true.

If I go here I want to take this exact photo.

Point (E) Tampico – Grandma wants us to go there. It’s where she is from and claims the water is beautiful there. Dad disagrees, says it’s still the Gulf. We don’t care but being near the ocean would be a dream come true regardless.

It looks blue, but I did see a few others that looked like we could have taken in Galveston.

Point (F) Cancun – J has a friend there. Who says there is plenty of work for him. J is a procrastinator and hasn’t even called him. Highly unlikely we will go here to live but we will go.

Well we all know….

Then there is the purple markings.  The one on the border is where I would like to live so I could cross my kids over to school every morning and I could work and earn USA money.  Except the danger is to high, so we will skip that.  Then there  is Durango, where my mother was from.  I haven’t visited since I was eleven, from what I remember it may have been fun but I would be heading home in two weeks for sure.  Cabo, because the only way some “Friends” will visit, if they come on a cruise ship.  All three places highly unlikely.  More like no it isn’t going to happen.

We have considered many places, and we won’t decide until we are together. I sure would like somewhere my family and best buds are not afraid to visit. They have all said, “no way Jose” when I tell them to vacation with me. I will remind them once the first daring person joins us for some fun and they are begging to come. 

I’m the better Parent, He’s the better Parent (repeat)

I have been on a standstill waiting on these passports. J finally got his Mexican ID and is making a trip to the city to get it done at the American Consulate Today. Still I have to wait for all the documentation to reach me so I can send to the Passport Agency.

Only a few more days of school, seven days to be exact, sadly the beginning of summer does not mean goodbye to Houston. Not yet. The good news is that Johnny’s excited about starting Summer ACE (after school program that runs for a month after school is out). They usually get two field trips a week and as he expressed his excitement to me, Manuel whines “I don’t want to go to Summer ACE”.

“Why my love? You will have fun! I wish I could go to Summer ACE so I can go to the zoo, aquarium, and lots of other places.”

“I want to go to Mexico with my daddy. I want to play King Kong.” 

I promised him that as soon as Summer ACE is done, we would go. I pray daily, hourly that I can keep that promise, but there is still so much that has to get done.

I told J, then I thought the phone had disconnected, I yelled, “Babe!? Amores!? HELLO!?” He whispered, “Give me a minute”.

I guess I should stop telling him such stories.

Yesterday, we (My best friend Chrissy and I) decided to take them to Sylvan Beach for some Memorial Day fun.

We haven’t been since March and by this time if J was here they would have already had several trips, with several catches of fish under their belts, and we would have had some very delicious fish fries.


Texas Parks and Wildlife - Cleburne State Park

Texas Parks and Wildlife – Cleburne State Park

Johnny asked for his fishing reel and tackle box. When I told Manuel to grab his he said “I don’t want to fish today, I want to fish with my daddy”.

I didn’t tell J that I was taking them until we returned home. He didn’t like me to have them take baths while he was at work, for fear they will drown & I didn’t want to worry him. I think we did pretty good just us girls with the kids. Except for one thing we forgot. Sun block. It wouldn’t have happened on J’s watch.

The boys stayed home Today from school from the pain. Well at least I’m not the one who withdraws them early from school to take them fishing.