Soft Warm Hearts

Why do we celebrate Christmas?  Mary a virgin carrying the Savior of all, riding on a donkey going door to door, until they found a manger to lay their head.

Here in Mexico, although I speak the language, I know nothing.  One day they asked me to bring engrudo to Elaina’s school, I asked “what is that” and they told me “glue”.  The next day, I told the teacher I’m going to buy the glue and I will bring it back to you.  She said no it’s not glue you buy its just flour but you have to cook it.

They were making a piñata, which I thought it was just an arts and craft, until a mother explained that it had seven cones which represent the seven deadly sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride.


Once you BREAK yourself away from those sins you will be showered with blessings from above.

We were invited to a PASTORELA  at Elaina’s school “El Jardin de Ninos”.  Her class was dressed as Angels and the other class as devils.  Parents played out the story of Mary and Joseph, and the children played out the fight between good and evil.

Elaina Ready for her Pastorela

Elaina Ready for her Pastorela

A Patorela is a play, always comic, where the shepherds follow the Star of Bethlehem to find baby Jesus and confront the Devil, who will do everything possible to prevent them from arriving. It is at that moment that the Angel Gabriel intervenes to defend the shepherds where good always triumphs over evil.

We had another PASTORELA in the Town Plaza named EL JARDIN on the 19th.  I only wish I had thought to record it all.  It was very comic, had plenty of music, and singing.  Meet the Devil:

Bushy Eye browed, gun toting, boot wearing, Mariachi

Bushy Eye browed, gun toting, boot wearing, Mariachi

POSADAS, are more serious business, except to the children.  I was invited, but because I am not catholic a bit standoffish.  I am glad we decided to attend.  Day one started in the Church, there was the Rosary Prayer, then right after we formed two lines one of boys and the other of girls in order of height.  We walked singing a few choice songs, the boys favorite is “Los Peces en el Rio”.  We walked the longest route to the house hosting that days POSADA.  Once we arrived they sing at the door “Os Pido Posada”

Verses sung by the people asking     for PosadaEn nombre del cielo
os pido posada,
pues no puede andar
mi esposa amada.No seas inhumano,
tenos caridad,
que el Dios de los cielos
te lo premiará.Venimos rendidos
desde Nazaret,
yo soy carpintero
de nombre José.Posada te pide,
amado casero
por sólo una noche
la Reina del Cielo.Mi esposa es María.
es Reina del Cielo,
y madre va a ser
del Divino Verbo.Dios pague señores
vuestra caridad,
y así os colme el cielo
de felicidad.
Verses sung by the people giving PosadaAquí no es mesón
sigan adelante:
yo no puedo abrir
no sea algún tunante.Ya se pueden ir
y no molestar
porque si me enfado
los voy a apalear.No me importa el nombre,
déjenme dormir,
pues ya les digo
que no hemos de abrir.Pues si es una Reina
quien lo solicita
¿Cómo es que de noche,
anda tan solita?¿Eres tu José?
¿Tu esposa María?
Entren, peregrinos,
no los conocía.Dichosa la casa
que abriga este día
a la Virgen Pura
la hermosa María.

When the doors finally open, everybody sings:

Entren santos peregrinos, peregrinos, reciban este rincón no de esta pobre morada sino de mi corazón. Esta noche es de alegría de gusto y de regocijo porque hospedaremos aquí a la Madre de Dios Hijo.

Then the kids’ favorite part, every single child is given a goody bag, and depending on the family you could get more, a fruit, a drink and/or something to eat.


Day two starts with a rosary prayer at the house who opened their doors to us, we then form lines and walk the longest route to the next house so fourth and so on until day 9.

They said a Pastor once showed children a nativity scene and asked them what the baby’s bed looked like, they said “Hard”, Then they asked the mothers present, “How do you fix your babies beds?” We all answered “Soft & warm”.  The nine days of Posadas is to soften our hard hearts, so we can be ready to receive baby Jesus.

May you all have soft and warm hearts this Christmas.